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For the past 4 years, Little Feet has been selling a soccer ball based on the 'one for one' business model. For every ball you buy, we'll donate an additional ball to a child in need. While others have copied this idea, Little Feet is the first and original Soccer Ball company to implement this model. The best way for us to donate soccer balls to kids around the world is if you buy one for yourself. Our soccer balls are high quality balls and used by some of the top clubs and NCAA teams in the USA. Buying a ball is the easiest and most effective way you can immediately help.

You can purchase a ball at our Little Feet Store.

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If you play on a team, ask your coach or league director to consider making the switch and start using Little Feet balls. Most team directors will buy soccer balls in bulk for training or competition balls and we will be happy to offer teams and leagues wholesale pricing when balls are purchased in bulk. Have your coach or league director contact us at If they ask about the quality of the balls, share this testimonial with them.

As a college soccer coach, my biggest concern was the quality of the ball and whether or not these balls could endure the rigor of a College Team's busy practice schedule. We are now on the second year of using LF Balls, and while we have purchased a whole new set, they are still in the box, because last year's balls are still in great shape, hold air better than any other ball we have used, and still look good! You will be convinced as well!

-Juan Pablo Favero Head Coach, Georgia College & State University

click to expand Use our ball at Tournaments
Another easy and great way to promote Little Feet is to use Little Feet balls as the official ball of your tournament. Everyone will be happy with the ball, but more than that, they'll want to know what Little Feet is. Simply by using 10-20 balls for your tournament, you may start a chain reaction that leads to hundreds of balls making their way around the world.

click to expand Tell a Friend
The best way we can send more balls is if more people know about us so tell your friends and fellow teammates. Take the time to craft an email to your friends and tell them to check us out. Or better yet, bring a Little Feet ball to practice and share our cause. You can also find us on Facebook at so become a fan and pass our facebook page onto your friends. You can also Tweet about us or just create some Buzz by clicking on these links below.


click to expand Become a Little Feet Intern
Periodically, Little Feet has intern positions available in a wide variety of areas. Our interns are given extraordinary amounts of responsibility and will make a big difference in the everyday operation of Little Feet. You will gain valuable "hands on" work experience while at the same time be affecting the lives of kids around the world.

School Credit: Little Feet will work closely with your universities' intern coordinator to ensure you receive full course credit according to the guidelines set forth by your university. All intern positions at Little Feet are unpaid. Please click here to see available intern positions and to apply.

click to expand Join the Little Feet Army and Pass Little Feet balls out Yourself
If you're doing some great volunteer work around the world, consider bringing Little Feet balls to distribute. Chances are there will be some kids who love to play soccer and most likely they won't have a decent ball of their own. Enlist in the Little Feet Army and lead your own Platoon to help kids in need.

click to expand Drink Little Feet Coffee
That's right, we have our own coffee company that supports youth soccer programs in coffee growing regions around the world. Go to and check it out. We believe in paying the farmers directly and helping their kids play soccer by providing equipment and establishing soccer leagues in the coffee regions. We even built a soccer field in Las Capucas, Honduras. Help us out and Drink for the cause. It's Little Feet Coffee: Coffee with a Kick!

click to expand Donate to the Little Feet Foundation
The Little Feet Foundation is the charitable arm of Little Feet and has two goals. The first goal is to distribute the donated balls from Little Feet and the second goal is to develop sustainable soccer programs in the communities Little Feet serves. By donating to the Foundation you can help them achieve these goals. The Little Feet Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization and all donation are tax-deductible. Click Here to donate.

click to expand Design a T-Shirt or a Soccer Ball
Are you an artist that has a cool idea for a T-Shirt or a soccer ball. Submit your artwork and if we like it, we may just use it for Little Feet products. If we love it, we may just bring you on our next Little Feet trip with us. Please submit your ideas to

click to expand Share Your Ideas
Not surprisingly, some of the best ideas come from supporters like you who wrote to us and shared an idea. We encourage you to do the same. If there is something you think we can do better, or if you just have a cool idea, please write in and share it. You can email your idea or suggestions to

Click on the link below to download our Little Feet flier to email and/or print to distribute

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